Who We Are / About Us

Who We Are

Measures for Justice is a nonpartisan nonprofit that’s bringing transparency and accountability into the mix of how justice gets pursued in this country.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which the criminal justice system is fully transparent, accessible, and accountable.



Our Mission

We are changing the future of criminal justice by developing tools that help communities, including the institutions that serve them, reshape how the system works.

Our Core Values

As an organization, we have a set of values that govern all the choices we make and how we conduct ourselves every day.



  • Focus on principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Remember that the data we collect and publish represents real people, and that the stakeholders we work with have their own legitimate perspectives, hopes, and fears.

Clear Communication


  • Are as transparent with external stakeholders as we expect them to be with us.
  • Hold space for communities affected by the data to identify aspects of the criminal justice system that might be working well for them, that they might want to monitor, or that they want to change.



  • Allow for different perspectives to be heard, because neutrality does not mean indifference but an understanding that there are many solutions to every issue.
  • Make space for constructive discussions by providing equal access to reliable and understandable data about criminal justice system performance.

Continuous Learning


  • Engage in work that has not been done before that requires developing and supporting new and different capabilities from staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Are comfortable exploring solutions knowing that effort toward a solution, even a failed one, is never wasted.

Our Story

Measures for Justice was founded in 2011 to help communities access criminal justice data as the basis for informed decision-making about how to reshape the system.


Measures for Justice (MFJ) was founded

How We Measure

We’ve spent years developing and refining a process for collecting, standardizing, and publishing criminal justice data.

Our Methodology

We have developed a detailed methodology to standardize criminal justice data across jurisdictions across the United States.

Performance Measures

Our measures provide a comprehensive picture of how cases are being handled across counties from arrest to post-conviction.


Our councils help guide and inform our work. They comprise experts in data, measurement and methods, and policing.

More About Us

MFJ is a nonpartisan nonprofit headquartered in Rochester, NY. Our team includes experts in community engagement, data engineering, product design, and criminal justice. We partner with multiple organizations to lead the charge towards a criminal justice system that is fully transparent, accountable, and accessible.

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for devising policies and procedures that support best practices for MFJ.

Annual Report

A chance to look back on what we’ve achieved and the people we’ve achieved it with.


Come join the effort to make the criminal justice system transparent, accountable, and accessible.

Where is MFJ Active?

National Data Portal

One of the largest bodies of standardized and coherent county-level criminal justice data in the country.


A community-driven data tool that shapes criminal justice policy.

Data Quality

Tools in use that help agencies gauge and improve the quality of their data in preparation for greater transparency.