Measures for Justice is a 501(c)3 organization, and we are grateful to individuals, foundations, and other grant-makers who support our work.

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What Your Funds Support

We work in multiple ways to develop tools and services that
help communities reshape how the criminal justice system works.


Commons is a community-driven data tool that helps shape criminal justice policy. It is a platform for tracking data trends and patterns alongside a policy goal set by the public and their public servants. It is a means to foster debate and dialogue based on fact that can help advance the needs of the community, which includes the public and their public servants alike.


We believe the best way to fix a system in crisis is to know as much about it as we can. Not only via focused information about one part or another, but through a rigorous, holistic overview of all the system’s moving parts.

This is why we’ve been working for years to develop a national set of police measures with input from community leaders and police departments. Now we are testing, refining, and piloting these measures in two communities, the West Sacramento Police Department in California and the Rochester Police Department in New York.

Community Engagement

We prioritize listening to the perspectives, wants, and needs of the communities we serve. The Commons platform is made in collaboration with community members to ensure that it is accurate, respectful of the community, and truly benefits the residents who live and work there.

Our Founding Supporters

Bureau of Justice Assistance
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Echoing Green
Ford Foundation
Mac Arthur Foundation
Safety Justice Challenge
Open Society Foundations
Pershing Square Foundation
The Williams H. Donner Foundation Inc.

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