Let’s Be Clear:

Criminal justice data has a story to tell.

Criminal justice data has a story to tell.

We canvassed the country for stories that demonstrate the power of criminal justice data to inform and inspire change.

The ones we chose stood out for their humanity and diversity of experience from all sides of the system.

Let’s be clear: these stories are only the beginning. 

Continue the Conversation

You’ve seen the stories, now it’s time to continue the conversation. We invite you to download our companion guide, host viewings of the series in your community, and provide opportunities to talk about the themes presented in Let’s Be Clear.

This guide will help you facilitate the hard conversations – to create a safe space for people to be authentic and vulnerable, and to pave the way for further conversations. Because, while challenging, it’s important to have these conversations so we can make our own informed decisions about our local criminal justice systems.

Measures for Justice’s mission is to change the future of criminal justice by developing tools that help communities reshape how the system works. Because communities have the power to make change. This is one of those tools.

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