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2023 Annual Report

For over a decade, Measures for Justice has been developing data tools and services that help communities reshape the criminal justice system. This past year was all about meeting communities wherever they are on the path to data transparency, accessibility, and accountability.

Get the report for a closer look into an incredible year.

When we started this work back in 2011, our rallying cry was simple: no data, no change.

At the time, there wasn’t much talk about the value of criminal justice data for pushing change. The system chugged along without much oversight or intervention. The result was a kind of inertia that preserved the status quo.

We helped change the conversation and climate. Today, data is widely acknowledged as critical to making smart choices for a system that prioritizes equity, fairness, and safety. Data is an essential means to change direction and policy.

The challenge is data is still hard to get and use if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are multiple steps associated with finding/preparing/sharing/using data that need to happen.

The good news is: We take these steps every day so communities don’t have to.

Check out the report below to learn more about the major strides we took in 2023.