Commons is:

A data platform co-created by the public and their public servants that makes criminal justice data transparent & shared policy goals public.

  • Share a goal, meet that goal

    What if the district attorney, police chief, court, judges worked with community leaders to co-create a goal and track it publicly?

  • Look at trends month over month

    What if everyone could see their community's monthly criminal justice data broken down by demographics like race, indigency, or sex?

  • Share findings directly with policymakers and media

    What if you were invited to share what you find in a form that's easy to understand?

Where is commons?

  • East Baton Rouge, LA is in progress

  • Monroe, NY is in progress


These are your data. This is your criminal justice system.

Our Partners


  • The Sacramento Bee
  • CBS Sacramento - KOVR TV
  • Greater Baton Rouge Business Report
  • Vogue

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