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Yolo County, CA
Created in partnership with the Yolo County Multi-Cultural Community Council & Yolo County District Attorney's Office

Yolo Commons

Trust & Transparency

Ongoing access to Yolo County’s criminal justice data.

Commons is created in partnership with Measures for Justice, the Yolo County Multi-Cultural Community Council & the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office. It is a joint space for making criminal justice data transparent and shared goals public.


Working with Community Advocates and Yolo County Officials

When the public, police, prosecutors, and courts share and trust the same data, those data become the common ground for reform.

The Commons data portal allows people from every part of our county to have instant access to accurate information about our local criminal justice system. Let's use this transparency and open data to facilitate new conversations and drive the best possible outcomes for the people of our community.

Jeff Reisig, District Attorney

Yolo County, California

Any conversation about criminal justice between the powers that be and the community at large, is destined to be politically and emotionally charged. And yet, this discussion is one of the most important of our time. This offering acknowledges real policy and system change MUST be grounded in facts, that data fuels a truthful narrative and lays bare the impact and carriage of justice in this moment - for better and for worse.

Tessa Smith, Multi-Cultural Community Council

Yolo County, California