Research Reports / A Look Inside the Black Box of New York State’s Criminal Justice Data

A Look Inside the Black Box of New York State’s Criminal Justice Data


Our new report reveals that, with few exceptions, the mechanisms for criminal justice data collection and release in New York State are broken. This report covers the ways New York State’s criminal justice data infrastructure fails to meet basic levels of transparency that are requisite for evidence-based decision making and general accountability.

Why It Matters

Without access to information about the ways cases are processed through the system, practitioners, advocates, and researchers in New York State are left unequipped to make decisions necessary for their work. Moreover, the public is in the dark about basic information pertaining to their local justice system. With heated criminal justice reform debates underway, there is a clear need for data that can speak to system performance.

Key Findings

Key findings from the report show efforts to put data to use across the state are frequently hampered by:

Antiquated systems

Inconsistent practices

Complicated and expensive request processes

A degree of partiality that allows data access to some and not others

Audio Media Kit

This kit provides audio files of the following quotes describing personal experiences with criminal justice data in New York State. The quotes are voiced by actors, not the individuals quoted.

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