We have a crack team working on data management, research, technology, products, and services.

  • Image of Alexandra Ackles
    Alexandra Ackles
    Research Associate
  • Image of Mauricio Alvarez
    Mauricio Alvarez
    Research Associate
  • Image of Amy Bach
    Amy Bach
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Image of Ryan Belair
    Ryan Belair
    System Administrator
  • Image of Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell
    Senior Web Developer
  • Image of Will Boyd
    Will Boyd
    Senior Software Developer
  • Image of Andrew Branch
    Andrew Branch
    Director of Product Engineering
  • Image of Jennie Brooks
    Jennie Brooks
    Assistant Director of Data Outreach
  • Image of Stephen Byrne
    Stephen Byrne
    Lead Software Developer
  • Image of Stephanie Cruz
    Stephanie Cruz
    Software Developer
  • Image of Shelby Davis
    Shelby Davis
    Senior Data Outreach Manager
  • Image of Mason DeLang
    Mason DeLang
    Senior Data Scientist
  • Image of Gipsy Escobar
    Gipsy Escobar
    Director of Product Strategy
  • Image of Ariel Fonticiella
    Ariel Fonticiella
    Data Fellow
  • Image of Sam Harden
    Sam Harden
  • Image of Holly Hastings
    Holly Hastings
    Software Developer
  • Image of Nathan Hawke
    Nathan Hawke
    Senior Research Associate
  • Image of Rhianna Hayes
    Rhianna Hayes
    Data Quality Analyst
  • Image of Oliver Haynes
    Oliver Haynes
    Web Developer
  • Image of Sheila Herbert
    Sheila Herbert
    Chief Product Officer
  • Image of Robert Hutchison
    Robert Hutchison
    Director of Research Management
  • Image of Izaiah Jefferson
    Izaiah Jefferson
    Legal Researcher Assistant
  • Image of David Kilmer
    David Kilmer
    Director of Data Engineering
  • Image of Josh Kramer
    Josh Kramer
    Senior Web Developer
  • Image of Andy LaManna
    Andy LaManna
    Project Management Office Program Manager
  • Image of Nathan LeMahieu
    Nathan LeMahieu
    Senior Research Associate
  • Image of DeSean Lewis
    DeSean Lewis
    Data Fellow
  • Image of Hillary Livingston
    Hillary Livingston
    Research Fellow
  • Image of Fiona Maazel
    Fiona Maazel
    Director of Communications
  • Image of Trevariana Mason
    Trevariana Mason
    Research Associate
  • Image of Paula O'Neil
    Paula O'Neil
    Senior Fellow
  • Image of Avery Oster
    Avery Oster
    Web Developer
  • Image of Samantha J. Silver
    Samantha J. Silver
    Chief of Strategy and Operations
  • Image of Carly Simmons
    Carly Simmons
    UX/UI Designer
  • Image of Ben Smith
    Ben Smith
    Senior Software Developer
  • Image of Lori Szalay
    Lori Szalay
    HR/Office Manager, Exec. Assistant
  • Image of Sema Taheri
    Sema Taheri
    Director of Research Operations
  • Image of Charles Teese
    Charles Teese
    Senior Security and Site Reliability Engineer
  • Image of Dominic Testino
    Dominic Testino
    Research Associate
  • Image of Amanda Valtierra
    Amanda Valtierra
    Data Outreach Manager
  • Image of Raelynn Walker
    Raelynn Walker
    Senior Research Associate
  • Image of Jill Wesley
    Jill Wesley
    Director of People and Internal Operations