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Our goal is to flag and fix systemic problems in the American criminal justice system. How? By creating a a system of measures that will allow counties to see how well or poorly their justice systems are providing the public with basic legal services. So that no one is deprived of his or her rights. So that no one's tax dollars go to waste.

Measures for Justice will collect information about local criminal justice systems across the country and use this information to help local and state communities advocate for change. MFJ will reach into the heart of America and ask: How are you doing?

News & Events

  • andrew branch

    Andrew Branch Joins MFJ as Director of Technology & Product

    January 5, 2015  |  Rochester, NY

    We are pleased to announce that Andrew Branch, formerly Lead Architect at LincWare, has joined MFJ as our Director of Technology & Product. Andrew brings extensive experience, building a variety of innovative products for start-ups in Rochester, San Jose and San Francisco. Based in Rochester, Andrew will be responsible for designing and developing the MFJ technological infrastructure and leading our technology team.

  • MFJ-logo-square

    MFJ Seeks Director of Technology & Product

    October 3, 2014  |  Rochester, NY

    We are looking for an experienced, driven Director of Technology and Product interested in helping to create a new product with the potential for national scale. The product will eventually be able to: (i) Perform visualizations so that users may manipulate or “play with” the data; (ii) House a Library of data that enables users to download data and reports; and (iii) Integrate and store large amounts of normalized data that MFJ researchers collect. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in product management skills, systems architecture, and data science as well as a desire to constantly learn, generate new ideas and remain focused on effective end-user applications of the product. Please click "Read More" for the full job description.

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  • Crime Report2

    MFJ Shares Preliminary Results from Wisconsin Pilot at National Forum on Criminal Justice

    August 10-13, 2014  |  Breckenridge, CO

    During a workshop moderated by Kristen Mahoney, Deputy Director for Policy, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Amy Bach presented preliminary results of MFJ's first pilot study testing the Measures for Justice, enabling counties for the first time to compare the performance of their local criminal justice system. As quoted in the Crime Report, Amy comments: “You can look up data and see where the schools with good test scores are located are, or you can look up the water quality of a city...But not for the courts... We want to collect data that means something to the people using the courts and to be able to see where things can improve."

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