Helping communities reshape the criminal justice system.

Helping communities
reshape the criminal
justice system.

Who We Are

Measures for Justice (MFJ) is leading a movement to change the future of criminal justice by developing data tools that help communities, including the institutions that serve them, reshape how the system works.

Since 2011, we have worked with communities, courts, prosecutors, and police to shine a light on what criminal justice looks like nationwide; collaborated to standardize and improve criminal justice data nationwide; and created tools, provided services, and led research to help create a criminal justice system that is fully transparent, accessible, and accountable.

What We Do

We make county-level criminal justice data from across the United States easier to get, easier to understand, and easier to use in pursuit of smarter decision-making.

We approach this work in several ways:

Data Tools

We develop and provide data tools that help communities drive the change they want to see. These range from our signature data platform, Commons, to data assessment tools, to our National Data Portal.

Best Practices

We work with agencies/offices/courts to help them improve how they collect and standardize their data based on a series of best practices and model legislation.

Research & Findings

We conduct original research on data trends and policies to help stakeholders make smart choices.

Where is MFJ active?

National Data Portal

One of the largest bodies of standardized and coherent county-level criminal justice data in the country.


A community-driven data tool that shapes criminal justice policy.

Data Quality

Tools in use that help agencies gauge and improve the quality of their data in preparation for greater transparency.


Help communities reshape criminal justice in every county across the country.

Measures for Justice develops tools that help communities reshape how the system works. Your tax-deductible donation today will help bring transparency and accountability to criminal justice for lasting impact.

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