Text-based Offense Classification Tool (toc)

Designed to harmonize criminal justice offense codes. If you are working with a dataset that contains thousands of rows of cases, each with its own unique charge description associated with it, TOC is a game changer.

TOC is a result of a collaboration between Measures for Justice (MFJ) and the crack team at the University of Michigan’s Criminal Justice Administrative Records System (CJARS) program, each using court records to assess the performance and impact of criminal case processes. We used thousands of hand-coded records produced by MFJ and the machine learning expertise of the CJARS team, following an offense scheme adapted by the team from prior work of the NCRP and others. Together, we designed a uniform crime classification standard (UCCS) schema and an accompanying machine learning algorithm to predict the appropriate standard charge classification. TOC makes the painstaking task of hand-coding offense descriptions obsolete and ushers in a new era of leveraging machine-learning assisted techniques.