Court Fees and Fines
Measures the median[1] amount of court fees and fines assessed to convicted defendants in 2009-2013.[2]
All Cases
Data missing or unknown in 24% of cases.
Measure value not shown.
Court Fees and Fines (Median Dollars)
Minimum Dollars
Maximum Dollars
Average Dollars
Standard Deviation Dollars
Total Number of Cases
Missing / unknown court fees and fines dollar amount
Missing / unknown inclusion criteria[4]
Warnings / Notes
Missing > 10%
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Measures for Justice (2020).Measures for Justice Data Portal.(Data Release: 2.3.10).Retrieved from https://www.measuresforjustice.org on 6/1/2020.

Data Release:

Release Date: 3/15/2020Version: 2.3.10 (release history)


  1. The median is the middle point of a distribution. This means that 50% of cases fall above and 50% of cases fall below the median score.

  2. This Measure does not account for surcharges not included in the total court fees and fines assessment provided by the source.

  3. Disclaimers by the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA):

    1. Data extracted by the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) from the Criminal Transaction System (CTS).

    2. The raw data included felony and misdemeanor charges (including criminal traffic offenses), and excluded violations of federal laws, violations of county and municipal ordinances, noncriminal traffic offenses, and cases involving juveniles (except for those that are ultimately waived or transferred to adult criminal court).

    3. The raw data was compiled from information provided by the clerks of court via the Offender Based Transaction System (OBTS). Counties not reporting via OBTS at the time of data extraction were Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Osceola, and Seminole.

    4. The raw data was extracted from a dynamic data base and represents all data in system as of the date of the report. This data may have been amended by the Clerk of Court at a later date.

    5. OSCA compiled the requested information based on data provided by the clerks of courts who are the data custodian(s). These data are not designed for information requested for research or analysis for entities outside of the court system.

    6. Any conclusions or analysis that will derive from the raw dataset are solely those of the individual author(s) or the person(s) who did the analysis and not of OSCA.

  4. Percentage of cases that had missing/unknown data on any of the factors needed for inclusion in the measure.