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California has long been at the forefront of criminal justice change and innovation. Over the last decade, California has passed a series of laws designed to reduce the number of people under correctional supervision by reclassifying a range of offenses to be eligible for less serious criminal penalties. At the same time, California has moved to increase transparency in its criminal justice system, launching the OpenJustice web portal in 2015 and passing the Open Justice Data Act in 2016.

It is in this spirit that Measures for Justice began working in the state, in November of 2017, collecting criminal justice data from all 58 counties. The goal is to be able to return to California cleaned data sets that can speak to how well reforms have been working and that can gauge, in general, where success stories are being written for replication elsewhere.

To address the challenges our criminal justice system is facing and identify knowledge and evidence-based best practices, we need data from all criminal justice stakeholders, at the county levels. I firmly believe in the mission, goal, and method of Measures for Justice and I welcome the transparency it brings to our criminal justice system!

Harlan G. Grossman

Superior Court Judge, Ret., Contra Costa County, CA

Current status of California Data Collection

Outreach initiated in43 / 58 Counties

Data received from agencies in22 / 58 Counties

County where outreach has begun
County with county or city agency sharing data

California's criminal justice system is decentralized across the state's 58 counties. There is no one central repository for county-level data or single body that provides oversight of all criminal justice data collection. In addition, while California statutes explicitly allow Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) to be shared with "bona fide research organizations," California Rules of Court are more ambiguous regarding the sharing of criminal court records. Taken together, data collection in this state is a challenge.

As we collect data from agencies across the state, we will begin the process of cleaning and coding the data to prepare it for our data portal.

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Resources for Agencies

California Advisory Council

To assist its efforts in California and ensure that they are responsive to local issues, MFJ has formed an Advisory Council comprised of respected stakeholders from and experts on the California criminal justice system (judiciary, law enforcement, public defender, prosecution, administrative offices of the courts, academics, etc.).

The Council will support MFJ’s California work by: helping with outreach out to data owners; sharing key thoughts and concerns regarding the data and Measures; speaking on behalf of the constituencies it represents and; serving as a liaison, answering questions others may have about Measures for Justice.

  • Jim Bueermann
    President, Police Foundation
  • Justin Erlich
    Vice President of Strategy, Policy & Legal at Voyage
  • Harlan G. Grossman
    Judge, Ret., Contra Costa County Superior Court
  • Emily Putnam-Hornstein
    Director, Children’s Data Network & Associate Professor, USC School of Social Work
  • Stephanie L. James
    Chief, San Joaquin County Probation
  • James P. Mayer
    President and CEO, California Forward
  • Lenny Mendonca
    Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company
  • Kevin O’Connell
    Owner, O’Connell Research, Inc
  • Steve Raphael
    Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
  • Bryan L. Sykes
    Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law & Society, UCI School of Social Ecology

California Outreach Team

  • Image of Mikaela Rabinowitz
    Mikaela Rabinowitz
    Director of National Engagement and Field Operations
  • Image of Amanda Valtierra
    Amanda Valtierra
    Data Outreach Associate
  • Image of Lauren McQueen Pearce
    Lauren McQueen Pearce
    Assistant Director of Data Outreach

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