The Karpel Foundation and Measures for Justice Join Forces to Deliver Valuable and Accurate Data from Prosecutors to the Public

Press Release

Measures for Justice (MFJ) and The Karpel Foundation announced a new partnership to pursue more open data sharing and performance measurement for the criminal justice system of America. This collaborative effort will allow the public to access seventeen performance measures designed by MFJ and endorsed by the California District Attorneys Association Data Workgroup and the Karpel Foundation — an important step towards full data transparency.

The Karpel Foundation has a mission to ensure transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system. With oversight of the country’s largest provider of prosecutor case management, the Foundation’s support will help facilitate greater data sharing among prosecutor offices and Measures for Justice. In turn, MFJ can offer participating offices and the public the chance to better track performance on MFJ’ Data Portal.

“Our partnership with MFJ is a key part of our effort to bring transparency and accountability to the criminal justice system by advocating for and assisting in the collection of prosecutorial data,” said Jeff Karpel, owner of Karpel Solutions and President of the Karpel Foundation. “Better data and accurate performance measures will allow prosecutor offices to demonstrate they’re taking steps to inform their communities.”

This effort is part of Measures for Justice’s bigger project to enable reform by improving the country’s criminal justice data infrastructure.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with The Karpel Foundation because we share an interest in increasing data transparency across the country. Their support will help MFJ access prosecutor data with greater efficiency,” said Amy Bach, Founder and Executive Director of Measures for Justice. “In turn, MFJ can offer participating offices the chance to track performance across seventeen measures and to engage with the community around an accurate set of facts.”

About MFJ: Measures for Justice is a nonpartisan nonprofit with a mission to facilitate criminal justice reform by making available as much good, county-level criminal justice data as possible. The organization does this by collecting existing criminal justice data from counties, running them through a set of comparative performance measures spanning arrest to post-conviction, and publishing them on a free, online Data Portal.

About the Karpel Foundation: The Karpel Foundation aims to facilitate the creation and implementation of strategic plans for the purpose of dramatically improving the social and economic well-being of the United States by improving the prosecution of crime in the following manner:

  1. Reduce the time it takes to prosecute a felony
  2. Reduce the cost of prosecuting a felony
  3. Ensure transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system