Welcome to the Measures for Justice: a set of performance measures that address how cases are being handled by local criminal justice systems.

The Measures are six years in the making and are designed to provide people working in the system with better information and a more comprehensive picture of the data that support the entire criminal justice system across counties from arrest to post-conviction.

Not every Measure will be available in every state, and the Measures themselves are but one piece of a larger project to bring more tools and transparency to the criminal justice system. While each Measure shines a light on specific aspects of local criminal justice systems, they are best assessed together and with county context in mind. All of which can be accomplished on our Data Portal, a one-stop online tool for sharing data and generating insights. The Data Portal will offer up data about how county justice systems operate, which can enable productive conversations around evidence-based needs.

We are very grateful for the input we’ve received from all corners of the justice system and look forward to continued collaboration with county leaders and members of the courts. More detailed information on our advisory boards and contributors is available elsewhere on this website.

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Our complete set of Measures and footnotes in PDF format.